Alexander Millar - Underneath The Arches

Working Man - Museum Collection
Sometimes an artist will complete a painting that opens a new door to go through and explore what lies inside. This is how I felt when I stood back to look at where my inspiration took me when I completed “Underneath the Arches”. I have always admired how the impressionists of old were able to play with light in their canvases allowing the viewers eye to blend all the brush strokes together into an image that stayed in the imagination. It was the last painting I did for the “Working Man” exhibition at the Great North Museum and was one of my favorites not only for the effect I managed to create in the piece but also because it’s a view I see when I go to my studio in the Ouseburn in Newcastle upon Tyne. I’m hoping that what I learned from this piece will take me on a new journey of discovery into this wonderful world of art.

Canvas On Board
18 x 24

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